Local SEO For Small Businesses

You might be wondering what the distinction between SEO and local SEO. The answer  is that local SEO is regarding putting your business within the local Results specifically, and less concerned about non-location specific results. “SEO” is the general term and is what gets you within the Organic Results and therefore the local Results. Local SEO could be thought of then as a class of SEO that involves targeting the results that appear in Google’s local results, and adds a variety of practices to form this a sure-fire endeavour to drive more traffic to your site.

Is local SEO required for your business? Well, I can’t tell you that, but in general, any small business that operates or caters to a group in a specific area should be utilizing Local SEO. For the most part, this covers most small businesses. If you’re a small business owners that has a physical location or storefront, you ought to be doing local SEO for that location. It really is as easy as that to decide if local is for you and your business..

Local Profile on Google: The business can ought to produce and claim an area Google profile. It’s important to note that this is often what’s going to show in localized search results. This means you need to ensure that all information on your Google profile is accurate and be sure to include all relevant bits of information.

Citations: anywhere on-line that uses the corporate name, address and sign all on a similar page is termed a citation. It’s necessary that this listing is within the same format because the local listing. This ensures that your local citation efforts match the local listing as closely as doable. Abbreviations square measure so powerfully discouraged. Google is also sensible, however you don’t ought to create things more durable for it, you know?

Reviews: the amount and quality of reviews left on your Google Places page could be a important consider local ranking. therefore aim to induce lots of really expert ones.

The Importance Of Analytics

If you can’t see the data, then you can’t make data-driven decisions. You need to understand your numbers!

Having Google Analytics or another statistics application put in into your new website is a great thing for any website owner to do. This lets you get as much data about your website and how your users interact with it.

Over time as your traffic builds, you can start to get an idea of how your users interact with your site. You can see which pages they seem to spend a lot of time on, and which pages they leave immediately. This information is incredibly important as it will inform you of what aspects of your digital strategy you can improve on. This data will allow you to validate any decisions you may want to make in regards to your website.

Analytics also lets to review where your website traffic is coming from. This lets you know how many of your visitors came from Facebook, as opposed to Twitter. This can help you to understand where your main marketing efforts should be focused.


SEO And Small Business

Looking To Hiring An SEO Company? Our Advice.

SEO is one of the key sources of traffic for any website. This is especially true for small businesses trying to compete. That’s why today’s topic is search engine optimzation, or SEO.
Search Engine Optimization can refer to broad group of digital disciplines, such as web design, copywriting, content creation, web development and more. The majority of this is essentially made up of a series of tweaks and changes to your site designed to make your website rank higher in Google and get significantly more traffic as a result.
So here’s a few SEO tips for small business owners looking to hire an SEO company.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals should be the first step.
The fact is, results are never guaranteed and you many not see any progress for the first few months. It’s possible to create an effective SEO strategy and make predictions of it’s possible success, but results can never be guaranteed.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the biggest keywords are also the most competitive. For example, if you sell shoes, then “buy shoes” would be a good keyword to rank for, right? Well, that’s what everyone else in the industry thinks too, and so the competition makes it difficult to get to the front page. It’s likely that your best progress will be made on low-competition keywords, with those big high-competition keywords potentially taking years to attain.

2. Create Great Content

The phrase “Content Is King” is thrown around a lot in SEO circles, but it’s for a good reason. Content really is the most important factor – not only for search engines, but for your users too. Engaging content will keep users interacting with your site more, as well as make it more likely that they will share your content with others, which further helps your SEO efforts as well as generating even more traffic.

Google has begun aggressively cracking down on low quality or spammy content, so the best thing you can do is to start produce quality content that people will genuinely engage with.

3. Get Help From Friends & Colleagues

Getting a little help from friends, family and colleagues can help a fair bit with your SEO efforts. This is where networking can help, as having a strong network to work with can yield quite a few good SEO opportunities.

If possible, you can call in favours from others to give you a little bit of a boost in one thing or another. Whether this is something as simple as inviting some friends and family to like your facebook page, or asking a colleague to link to your site from their own website or blog. These sorts of things are a great way for both business managers and SEOs to create great social signals and backlinks, which are both huge factors for SEO.

Latest Trends In Web Design 2015

Over the past few years, and the last 12 months in particular, we’ve witnessed a lot of different trends, with an emphasis on continuous of “Infinite” scrolling website design. That said, there’s a quite common opinion that despite the recognition of this sort of website design, this kind of style is obviously not for every site. We tend to anticipate that trends can become more refined over time and when used correctly, can really enhance the value offered by a certain kind of website design. Over each and every consecutive year, new style trends can move to responsive net style, associate degree redoubled stress on video, and formation emotional bonds via storytelling. Here square measure seven of the highest net style trends for 2015.

1. Mobile Friendly “Responsive” Website Design

It is quite well noted that the employment of mobile devices has exploded considerably over the past three years, and most new websites tend to embody mobile-friendly style as a key demand. Responsive websites square measure growing in quality over ‘mobile version’ websites and that we currently see responsive websites as best practice for all of the websites we build.

As website designers and developers gain expertise in mobile-first responsive style approaches, we tend to square measure commencing to see some terribly exciting ideas within the net style trade. Responsive net style can more develop over consecutive year, and can be plenty over simply an answer to the difficulty of optimizing for mobile. we tend to expect to ascertain the employment of card-based style to handle the growing incorporate responsive websites.

2. Make Some Video Content!

The use of video content is currently a massively useful tool for any digital marketer – particularly for anyone interested in running quality social media campaigns. The engagement offered through  this kind of video content not only provides you with excellent, engaging content, but is also effective at generating leads directly.

HTML5 permits video to simply load and show on mobile devices, and video suggests that brands will embody storytelling and interactivity natively into the planning of their web site.

3. Storytelling that’s Interactive

There has been plenty of talk in the industry recently concerning the idea of digital selling and the related strategies involved in this. Businesses and digital marketers are wanting to shift focus to the art of storytelling in their sites. Continuous infinite scroll websites have a fantastic narrative quality that works well for storytelling, especially for blogs or websites with an emphasis on strong visual content.

However this is merely the tip of the iceberg in regards to digital storytelling. Interactivity and user immersion can be implemented in your website in a way that will garner an emotional response from the user and will be a key driver of of digital marketing strategies within the next year. though it’s only been around for a very short time, this remains one in of our most favorite items of digital storytelling.

4. Content that’s Long-Form

Numbered lists on BuzzFeed and other sites like it are very trendy for many news and article based sites, however they’re considered to be somewhat of a ‘light’ form of on-line content.

Businesses and content creators can sometimes rely on this form of content as it can be easier to produce. However, real value for your users can come from significantly longer articles. The downside of this is the larger effort required on the part of the content creators. However, when done well, long articles and other larger pieces of content can do incredibly well for a website.

5. Content & Design That’s Easy To Comprehend

The current trend of using simple styles suggests to me that in this day and age, users want their content to be as easy to comprehend as possible. This means legible and intelligible typography, clear navigation, simple colours and great layout.

Simple copywriting with loads of personality can be fantastically impactful for your readers, and allows a straight-forward no-bullshit approach which users appreciate.

This is especially true when you consider the previous point of long-form content and infinite scroll sites. In these examples, you absolutely must have great content that’s easy to digest and designed well. Clean, simple website design is key here, with an emphasis on mobile friendliness and typographic design.


As the years go by, it becomes obvious that web design trends seem more and more focused on the user. From the flashy, yet ineffective websites of the early 2000s, to the simple and clear designs of today, you can clearly see the shift of focus from impressing management to impressing users. Perhaps this is because of the rise of analytics, with web owners becoming increasingly aware of the way users interact with their site?

Ultimately, it’s important for web designers and business owners to pay attention to these trends, as ultimately, it’s for the benefit of their users.